Читати далі

PiggyBee connects people who want to get or ship something with travelers.
It can be (almost) anything from (or to) anywhere across any distance (International, national or local).

I'm looking for an item to be transported

- Post the object(s) that you would like to receive or have delivered.
- To thank the traveler on delivery, add one or more rewards that you could offer in return (such as a pick-up from the airport or train station, an invitation for a drink, a sightseeing tour, a tip ...or whatever you may want to offer.)
- PiggyBee will connect you by email with any traveler(s) taking this route so that practical details can be arranged.

I'm traveling

- Post your travel itineraries.
- Add one or more reward(s) you would appreciate in return.
- PiggyBee will connect you by email with any seeker(s) looking for something to be transported on this route.

PiggyBee takes Trust and Security very seriously. 

- All users must respect our Terms and Conditions.
- The seeker must give the traveler as much detail as possible about the object being transported.
- The traveler must specify what they are able to transport in terms of size, weight and value on their journey. 
- Consider the time and the place of the meeting (like a public place).

PiggyBee is a free service.