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Memotrips, is a startup that is revolutionizing the travelogue connected on mobile (and on the web) with travel diaries.

travel diary app


The app allows travelers to create, store and share his notebooks. This is created on the basis of a project, a destination (round the world for example) or on the basis of the same activity travel (road trip, hike, trek, camping, backpacking, responsible...). Travelers who want to create their book can set a level of confidentiality, the book can be public (visible to all), private (only those who follow the book will be able to see and interact with it) or strictly staff where only the Book Administrator will have access.

travel diary apps

An Offline mode
But is not the only features. Indeed, on a trip, we often have our phone but not set internet networks apart from some places, Memotrips offline mode allows to use all the features of the application normally. You can then take pictures at the time, quickly write a steps or give an opinion on the place directly in the application. For the update and share the content, it will take the user accessing a network, synchronization can be initiated automatically, and all data that you mentioned can be found online.

The social network of the traveler.
The second important feature is sharing. It connects travelers with relatives or a public who wish to follow the steps of his trip. Memotrips becomes the traveller's essential social network. The people who follow your books will be able to get in touch with you by posting comments related to the steps, photos etc.

A book and after?
An offline address book, a social network Yes, but it does not stop there. Memotrips offers the possibility, to travellers and those who follow books to be able to create and customize visuals as for example post cards, photo books or even calendars. The person is free of personal space on these brackets and add the photos she wants. With these features, Memotrips want to make the moment experienced by travellers and followed for other memorable and authentic.

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