Personal Shopper Abroad

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

In the last few years, the "personal shoppers" trend was on the rise.

This is a special service which provides help to many people who face difficulties in some of their purchases, especially when they are not in a country where the product they wish to buy is available. The personal shopper system is very popular because it allows a private individual to obtain a product from far away thanks to a third person who makes this purchase on his behalf.

Personal shopper abroad

Do you have difficulty getting the best products from all over the world?


PiggyBee offers you a solution by providing you a parcel delivery service between private individuals who will play the personal shopper role. Indeed, this person will allow you to solve your problems by buying a foreign product.


How it works:


Once you are a PiggyBee community member, you will be able to connect with individuals who make recurring or exceptional trips from the country where the product is to the country where you are. Then you will agree on the purchase amount, which will also include the amount of the "tips" that the personal shopper will request for this service.


After that, via the payment system on our website, you will be able to make a completely safe payment thanks to our partner Stripe.

Final delivery can be made either by hand, or via global relay or local post as an alternative solution if it is too complicated for you to meet your personal shopper in person.

personal shopper abroad

Except for the tips, there are no hidden costs or ambiguities in this service which ensures you to find your perfume, your Juul or Iqos at the most competitive prices. The website allows you to order the desired item, ensuring that you buy it from a reliable source. The insurance provided during the transport of your package allows you to ensure that your package will arrive at its destination and in one piece!


Don't wait any longer and join us!