Parcel forwarding companies

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

From "international consolidation" to "parcel forwarding companies for international shoppers", there's many offers out there (we've listed some of them below). These allow you to order online in the US. The goods will arrive in their warehouse and they'll ship to your address.

Instead, we'd like you to consider crowdshipping.

International Shopping

Parcel forwarding companies

"Package consolidation" (as they call it) might be time consuming. You need to wait for the parcel to get there and then, be shipped by a second courrier. Worst, things might not be cheap as you'll pay for an international delivery to your place.

Using crowdshopping, we'll connect you with a traveler. He'll buy the product for you (whether online or from a physical store) and bring it to you. All of this for a fraction of the cost!

If you want to purchase something from abroad or simply give it a try, join our social shopping community.





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