• Item itinerary
  • From:
    Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • To:
    Brussels, Belgium
  • Item details
  • Item to be transported : Empty coffee bags for NGO
  • Description :
    Fracarita Belgium, an NGO for development cooperation, wishes to transport empty coffee bags (+/- 30pc, 20kg) to Belgium for sensitisation and fundraising purposes in Belgian schools in function of the NGO's annual campaign. This year, we will focus on a new project in Southern Ethiopia for children with a mental disability. If we can save money on transport costs, we can increase our profit and send more money to the project... We could already transport 2/3 of the bags with the luggage of our own co-workers, but some of the bags are still remaining.
  • URL : open
  • Logistics
  • Item size : Large
  • What type of item : Personal item
  • Item value : €0.00
  • Tip : -
  • Reward : -

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