• Item itinerary
  • From:
    Minneapolis, MN, USA
  • To:
    Guayaquil, Ecuador
  • Item details
  • Item to be transported : Guitar (in durable case)
  • Description :
    Guitar, in-case. Case has a solid frame with padded/soft Exterior & Interior (only possibility to damage the instrument would be from intention) Because of the soft exterior, it's also a lot more comfortable to handle.

    Case also includes normal guitar accessories.

    I've already traveled with it…
    There's a US law which requires airlines to allow instruments as carry-on items. (If there are any international fees, or if you have to pay for an extra carry-on, I can pay for beforehand if possible, or you can send me photos of the receipts for me to add to your tip.

    Most large airplanes have a 'coat closet' where instruments fit and can be stored during the trip.

    The flight attendants have always been super-helpful, so just ask them. Sometimes they'll allow it in a spare seat or behind the last seat. Just ask.

    (In a rare occasion, there was a small aircraft and full, so flight attendants required me to 'gate-check'.)
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  • Logistics
  • Item size : Large
  • What type of item : Personal item
  • Item value : €600.00
  • Tip : €175.00
  • Reward : If you prefer, I could apply credit cards miles to your flight to offset your trip cost. Or play some medicine music or mantra music (not so good at singing yet;)

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