• Item itinerary
  • From:
    United States
  • To:
    Dulwich Wood Ave, Dulwich, London SE19 1HD, UK
  • Item details
  • Item to be transported : Rice (Minute Rice)
  • Description :

    I'd like to bring over as much Minute Rice from the US as possible, as it seems to be impossible to buy in the UK. It comes in ~2.1kg boxes, and costs $4.88 at Walmart.

    If it's not convenient to go to a Walmart, I can also get it sent to the address you're staying at. And once in the UK, I can arrange a courier to collect from your address if it isn't convenient to drop it at my place (Dulwich Wood Avenue, London SE19 1HD).

    Thanks for any help :)
  • URL : open
  • Logistics
  • Item size : Large
  • What type of item : Item to be bought
  • Item value : €0.00
  • Tip : -
  • Reward : -

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