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    Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
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  • Item to be transported : HEETS
  • Description :

    I'm living in Barcelona/Spain and I'm interested to buy "Heets" in Ukraine where is cheaper. One packet cost 43 UAH and I would be interested to get for example 5 boxes for about 2000 UAH (each box contains 10 units).

    Here's the website of official shop in Ukraine:

    Thank you very much


    PS : Hablo también español. Je parle aussi français.
  • URL : open
  • Logistics
  • Item size : Small
  • What type of item : Item to be bought
  • Item value : €70.00
  • Tip : €20.00
  • Reward : I can go to Barcelona airport to get the packets if needed and may be bring in my motorbike back to Barcelona to save the 25€ fees of taxi :-)

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