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How To Make Extra While You Fly?

A website is allowing flight crews to cash in on their work schedule, simply by collecting and delivering packages.

The site is called PiggyBee (I’m David, the founder) and is designed to help people avoid high delivery costs by hooking them up with travelers who are able to courier packages for them. 
make cash travel

Here’s how it works:

Anybody looking to transport goods or packages can list them on PiggyBee, stipulating where it should go from and to, as well as offering a reward for the courier. Travelers can look for suitable opportunities on PiggyBee, as well as posting their own travel plans and what they would like to receive in return for delivery services.

As someone whose job involves travelling between two destinations, you have a lot to offer PiggyBee users.

Obviously, on many routes you barely get chance to get off the plane.
However, if you’re on a longer turn around, or an overnight, then you have ample opportunity to make extra money for nothing more onerous than delivering a package.

make money travel

Flight crews across the world are already cashing in on the PiggyBee concept. Here’s what Oliver, a BA flight attendant, has to say about it:

“I regularly fly from London Heathrow on long hauls to NYC (JFK), Singapore (Changi), Beijing, Boston and more. I advertise my routes on PiggyBee and people tell me what they want transporting and how much they’re prepared to pay. I don’t take everything – if the package is too bulky, or drop-off or pick-up is too far away from the airport I don’t bother – but I deliver something on quite a few of my trips. It’s a great way to supplement my income.”

Phil, a first officer on a KLM Boeing 777, is another loyal PiggyBee user. Here’s what he says:

“I do the Far East routes from Amsterdam (Schiphol), so I’m regularly flying to and from places like Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. If I’ve got a long stop off and nothing else planned, I go on PiggyBee to see if anything needs taking on that route. Not only is it a good way to make money but I also like helping people who often can’t afford to send a package the normal way.”

It really is easy. You make money just by picking up and dropping off packages. And it’s free – PiggyBee will never charge you a penny. What you get paid for your services is entirely up to you and the person that needs your help.

Sounds good? Then why not try it now, while this is on your mind. Head over to now and post details of your next trip. (Alternatively, just email your roster to and we’ll do it for you. You could be making money on your very next flight!)

make cash traveling

If you have any questions about PiggyBee – or if you want to share your experiences – please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.