Top 10 most amazing items looking for delivery

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Top 10 most amazing items looking for delivery

Most of our deliveries are items like iPhones, laptops, food supplements, but some requests are quite surprising, here is our top 10 :  


1. Tom Ford parka : Our number one, because the request is really particular and high level quality, a real luxury product. As a short reminder, Tom Ford dressed the last James Bond, Spectre.

delivery Tom Ford parka


2. Jacques Genin's chocolates : We appreciate this kind of request  because it is really sexy and trendy. Jacques Genin is a well-known chocolate maker based in Paris. 

delivery Jacques Genin chocolates


3. An auto bumper : this request deserves a podium because it makes us always smiling. It is certainly not sexy but transport needs everything.

delivery auto bumper



4. Cricket bat and gloves : They fail just one place off the podium, yet the request is quite surprising !

delivery Cricket bat and gloves



5. A motorcycle : it is definitely no longer crowdshipping, please don't terrify our travellers, even if the challenge could be funny !

delivery motorcycle



6. A surf : Well, if the reward is a surf lesson, why not ?

surf delivery



7. A stethoscope : really original, hopefully it will save lives. When we told you that everything can be delivered !

delivery stethoscope



8. Singer sewing machine : Warning ! Fragile. Singer is a well-known brand in this field.

delivery sewing machine



9. Ben’s Cookies : World famous Cookies from Oxford (again and again food) !  So even abroad, some have their favorite products. 

delivery Ben Cookies




10. A drone and its GoPro but it is not only a drone, it is a DJI Mavic Pro ! So why wouldn't you try to send the drone by himself ?

drone delivery


Don't hesitate to publish always more amazing new requests  !