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At the end of 2010, I came back from South Africa with the idea that everyone could become a carrier. An initial version of PiggyBee was launched in 2012 and, this year, a few thousand miles later, the community will soon exceed 10,000 members.

To both sustain and further accelerate this growth, the startup recently got a €50,000 investment from WING. WING is a Belgian investment fund specialized in financing digital startups.

international parcel service


This primer cash injection will finance a series of new features in the platform, and will enable us to conduct some hypothesis-testing. The goal is to quickly multiply the number of offers posted on the site in order to achieve a day-by-day increase in package deliveries by travelers.

Looking beyond this piece of good news, the most-important thing is our users, without whom nothing would be possible. If you’ve not yet joined the community, it’s time you sign up here – it’s free! Also, personal recommendations are our biggest source of new people, so please do tell your friends and family about the project and share this article.