International package delivery: top 4 most frustrated people on PiggyBee!

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Top 4 most frustrated people on PiggyBee

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When you go outside of your comfort zone, you are often queasy. That's exactly what happens when a cornerstone is coming in society. Though many like the idea, some late adopters will always criticise. Some of them will just ask interesting questions whereas the other ones will be here to bury your project, not necessarily because they dislike it but because they are scared to it. All disruptive changes harm society, it was true from horse to car, it was true with the Facebook boom, ... yet now even old people are trying to create a Facebook account.

As pioneer in crowdshipping, we are convinced that a big change is coming for delivery and logistic. PiggyBee has been in the front line since 5 years on something which could be the next big thing : CrowdShipping. Still, we need to convince the world to jump on board, included most of sceptics. Here is a repertory of the best criticisms we got. Some are really constructives, but not all :

“Kilo Coke van Marbella naar Appelscha. leuk pakketje meenemen uit Bangkok, Afghanistan, Raqqa of Medallin. Wat een onstellend dom idee. Drugshandelaren betalen je er in ieder geval nog voor”

“A coke kilo from Marbella to Appelscha. A beautiful package to be taken in Bangkok, Afghanistan, from Raqqa or Medallin.  What an appallingly stupid idea. Drug dealers pay you for this service, at least ?"

→ Poetic ? As we wrote previously, trust and safety issues care for us. As such, you can simply read our Safety and Trust guide which can be summed up in these words "I only deliver what I can see and I never accept a package that I didn't close myself".

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“But if you are flying you are not allowed to bring something for someone else. They ask you at check in did you pack the bag your self and is everything in it yours. How do you know what is in the package Joe Blogs is asking you to bring on a plane? ok for travel by car, bus or train I guess.”

→ Worried ? To answer the first common question, the item to be carried is considered as yours until you deliver it. It's a bit like if you carry something for a family member. And for the second question, you can simply check the trust guide Safety/Trust guide.

“Aller en thailande pour manger français. Pourquoi vous ne restez pas chez vous en France !”
"Travel to Thailand to eat French food. Why don’t you stay at home, in France ?”

→ Vicious ? Indeed when we attract people, an argument to subscribe is that you can find some old tastes from your home country by posting a request. To do so, you should only find a traveler who can find the product and bring it back.. Post my request. 

international shipping

Je ne comprend rien à votre site, vous m'envoyer la liste des gens qui veulent faire transporter des colis sur mon trajet sois disant ?? Il y en a en 2014 ??? le départ n'est pas de Paris comme moi et l'arrivée n'est pas non plus à roses comme je l'ai marqué ??? Je ne comprend rien au fonctionnement de votre site
Envoyé de mon iPhone”
I don’t understand your website, you send me a so called list of people who want packages to be carried on my trips… and some of them date back to 2014 ???
The departure isn’t from Paris like me and the arrival is not at Roses as I have mentioned ??? I don’t understand the process of your website
Sent from my iPhone”

--> Lost ? Our algorithm actually ranks "matchs" from the most probable to the least probable. If nobody did a request recently on a route (NYC-Versailles), so it will look for another city, farther (NYC-Paris), and gradually move away (the same goes for the date). That is why you can find requests dated back to 2015 or 2016, and farther destinations. Big cities usually appear first because exchanges often take place here.

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