Insurance - Item delivery

PiggyBee provides its users with an insurance on the international transport of items.
This insurance is currently offered for free *

* subject to the payment of the tip and possible item price made exclusively through our payment module, the acceptance of PiggyBee's general conditions, , the general terms and conditions of Marsh insurance and the proper acknowledgment of the procedure in case of loss and/or damage written here below.


  • How?

    1. The requester and traveler discuss the amount of the tip and possible item price.
    2. The requester proceeds to the payment through our secure payment module.
    3. At this stage, the requester accepts (or declines) the free insurance and declares the item value.

    Item is now insured during transport.
  • How much?

    Item will automatically be insured for free and up to € 1,500 against loss and/or damage that may occur during the trip.

  • Who?

    Our partner, Marsh, specializes in global transportation and logistics. The company is the leader in insurance and risk management brokerage. Marsh has been around since 1871 and has been a pioneer in risk and insurance services for more than 130 years.

    Insurance - Item delivery


  • Loss and/or damage procedure

    The Assured, his representatives and all beneficiaries of the insurance must, right upon the arrival of the cargo at the place of destination of the insured transport: 
    1. Check goods received and verify : 
    integrity of package / goods 
    lack of any trace of moisture or wetness 
    try as far as possible to safeguard the cargo and minimize loss or damage  

    2. List the necessary documents to support a claim (non-exhaustive list) : 
    Delivery order from PiggyBee (CrowdShipping Contract)
    Item commercial invoice  
    Invoice from PiggyBee
    Pictures of damaged goods and package (before and after transport)
    Complete and detailed statement of loss, item description and possible damage
    Repair or replacement commercial quote
    In case of theft, statement signed by the carrying person and complaint to local police authorities

    3. Send the complete claim file to the following adress within 48 hours as from delivery date or date of loss and/or damage :


  • effective 00:01 hrs CET 5th March 2022

    In accordance with the applicable terms and conditions of the following listed Marine Cargo Insurance Policies, we herewith give seven days' notice of cancellation for War, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotion risks, applicable to:

    -              Ukraine
    -              Belarus
    -              Russia within 200km of the land border with Ukraine
    -              Black Sea
    -              Sea of Azov
    -              All shipments by air within Ukrainian Airspace