Crowd delivery

Online since 2012, and as a crowdsourced delivery pioneer, PiggyBee connects people who want to get or ship something with travelers and commuters.
It can be (almost) anything from (or to) anywhere across any distance (International, domestic or local).

  • Through its community, PiggyBee allows users to:
    • acquire an item from a physical or online shop. (CrowdShopping)
    • get or send personal stuff. (CrowdShipping)

      As a carrier, PiggyBee travelers get to:
    • cover their travel expenses.
    • receive a reward from the other user.

PiggyBee encourages different communities to come across and potentially, allows to meet a "local" on a long distance journey.

international parcel service


  • PiggyBee takes Trust and Security matters very seriously.
  • PiggyBee provides an insurance on the international transport of items.    
  • PiggyBee provides a "crowdshipping" transport contract.
  • I'm looking to acquire, get or ship an item:

    1. I search for a traveler.

    2. A list of travelers who are making this trip is immediately displayed. I get in touch with these travelers through the online secure mailbox. If no travelers are available (in the event of a less traveled itinerary), I post my transport request so that future travelers will be able to contact me. 

    3. I discuss the potential purchase price of the item (based on an object that I would like to acquire), the amount of the fee and practical details for the delivery.

    4. I use the secure payment module to pay the traveler the total amount of the negotiated amount (example: the tip + the price of the item). This sum is then locked in until delivery, at which point the traveler is paid. I declare the item value so my transport is insured. PiggyBee then provides a crowdshipping transport contract.

    5. I leave a rating to the traveler.
  • I'm traveling:

    1. I post my trip.

    2. I specify whether it's a one-way trip, a round trip, or if it's a trip that I take on a regular basis.

    3. Based on my itinerary, a list of requesters is immediately displayed. I get in touch with the requesters through the secure mailbox. If there is no request (in the event of a less-traveled itinerary), my trip remains online so that future requesters will be able to contact me.

    4. I discuss the potential price of the item, the amount of the tip and practical details for the delivery. 
    The requester locks in the negotiated amount through the secure payment module (which allows me, if I must purchase the item, to advance the sum in total security).  The requester declares the item value so transportation is insured. PiggyBee provides a crowdshipping transport contract.

    5. I confirm the delivery in order to be paid and I leave a rating to the requester.


  • Tip

    Here is an indicative chart that will allow you to estimate the amount of a reasonable tip you may offer to the traveler.

DISTANCE National International
S 10 € / 11 $  20 € / 22 $
L 25 € / 28 $ 30 € / 33 $
XL 65 € / 72 $ 100 € / 110 $

These amounts can be multiplied according to the value of the shipment (Example for a value worth 250 € = x1, for a value worth 1000 € = x4, ...)

  • Possible Border Controls
    In accordance with our terms and conditions, it is the users' responsibility to ensure compliance with laws during customs clearance. These may include import laws, taxes and duty-free allowances. We invite you to learn about the local legislation in the countries of origin and destination. These costs will have to be paid by the requester.
  • Check-in questions while boarding an international flight
    As a traveler, the item will be considered yours until hand delivered to the requester.
    You simply carry the item as you would do for a family member or a friend.
  • For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by phone on +32 2 808 57 45.