• Online since 2012 and as crowdsourced delivery pioneer, PiggyBee connects people who want to get or ship something with travelers and commuters.
    It can be (almost) anything from (or to) anywhere across any distance (International, domestic or local).
  • PiggyBee takes Trust and Security matters very seriously.
  • PiggyBee is a free service.
    Various revenue models are considered but our # 1 priority is to grow our community to ensure a maximum of deliveries.
  • I'm looking for an item to be transported:
    - Post the object(s) that you would like to receive or have delivered.
    - To thank the traveler for delivery, add a tip and/or a reward that you could offer in return (such as a pick-up from the airport or train station, an invitation for a drink, a sightseeing tour, ...or whatever you may want to offer.)
    - PiggyBee will connect you by email with any traveler(s) taking this route so that practical details can be arranged.
  • I'm traveling:
    - Post your travel itineraries.
    - Ask for a tip and/or a reward you would appreciate in return.
    - PiggyBee will connect you by email with any seeker(s) looking for something to be transported on this route.

    In case an item must be purchased, depending on the amount and user profiles (which provide ratings and optional trust profiles):
    - The traveler may trust the seeker to be reimbursed upon delivery.
    - The seeker may prepay the amount to the traveler through a wire transfer or PayPal.
    - PiggyBee can help you as a trusted third party by blocking the amount until delivery. (Escrow system)