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Meet Some PiggyBee Users!

People that use PiggyBee come from all over the world and take an interest in our service for all sorts of different reasons. From delivering olive oil from sunny Italy to wintry Russia, to avoid expensive shipping costs from Europe to America – PiggyBee has some wonderful stories to tell!

Here is just a few to whet your appetite. Could yours be next?!


Marjorie wanted some authentic fruit juice you will only find in Greece. She got in touch with Romain, who was traveling from Greece, and got her bottle!

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Returning from a trip around Australia, seasoned traveler Laurent discovered the incredible Lonely Planet shop located in Sydney airport – a haven for any globetrotter. He was in a hurry and didn’t really get the opportunity to purchase anything at the time. Back in Paris, his hometown, he began to regret not buying the funky Lonely Planet green T-shirt you see him modeling in the picture. Thankfully, PiggyBee was at hand to help – we were able to connect Laurent with a traveler heading from Sydney to Europe and he got his much-coveted garment. If you want to know more, and you speak French, Laurent tells the whole storyon his travel blog. 

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Here is three more for you – short but ever so sweet:


Laurent gets his favorite tea delivered from London to Belgium.

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Angela gets some hard to find cosmetics brought in from South Africa.

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Pierre gets a very special golden triangle Tshirt 
shipped from Thailand to Belgium

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Nicolas’s GoPro camera was broken. These GoPro camcorders are special little wearable cameras used to capture high-definition adventure video or photography, for example by wearing one on a climbing helmet. He needed to ship his camera back to the factory for repairs, but the factory is in the US – not good when, like Nicolas, you can’t afford the considerable expense of shipping goods to America. PiggyBee to the rescue! Nicolas found a traveler from his country who was heading to the US and was very happy to carry his camera for the necessary repairs!

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Xavier, a renowned entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, loves his life in California. But there is one problem – he can only get his favorite chocolate in his home country of Belgium. Well, PiggyBee loves a problem like that and Vincent - a French user from Paris – was able to deliver Xavier’s chocolate too him at his San Francisco office.

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Adam, from Harwich in the United Kingdom, was desperate for some Speculoos spread from Belgium. Belgian resident David, who also happens to be the founder of PiggyBee, was on hand to bring over the goods on a trip to the UK. Read all about Adam’s collaborative consumption experiment on his blog.

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Three more shorties for you:


Aziza gets that most English of desserts,

sticky toffee pudding, delivered to her from the UK.

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JP gets a pair of Dockers pants from the US 
at a much cheaper price than he would have paid at home.

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Hélène gets tea from Harrods – 
London’s most famous department store.

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Berengere wanted to get her own forgotten clothes shipped from France, her home country, to her new home in South Africa. Charmaine, a South African who manages her own guesthouse in southern France, was only too happy to oblige, as she was visiting relatives in Johannesburg.

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Christophe had been longing for some Almendrina – a thoroughly delicious almond spread from Spain - and Ann, on a flight back from Valencia, brought some for him! See them as they meet up, as this story got on TV news.

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Stef, an expat in Bali, is a diving instructor – teaching people how to scuba in the luscious waters of this tropical paradise. He heard about PiggyBee and loved the idea of being able to crowdsource deliveries. He immediately requested chocolate from his home country. It wasn’t long before he hooked up with Lili, about to go off on holiday to Indonesia, who brought him the sweet treats he had been longing for!

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You have read about what PiggyBee can do – now it’s your turn! What do you need from abroad but just can’t get hold of? What do you need transporting overseas but can’t afford to send? There must be something! 

Let us know by posting it for free on PiggyBee!