Flight attendant for Southwest

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

Why wouldn't you improve your air crew live?

Regardless of whether you're an airline steward or pilot flying for Southwest, there's a simple method to procure additional cash as you fly. 
The idea is to transport packages for individuals. 

On the piggybee site, clients are searching for crew who can get them things from abroad. 
Since you must travel as a flight attendant for Southwest, it's never been simpler to win more by purchasing these. 

The website is free, you may register here

southwest cabin crew

You just need to post your next trips. 
At that point, clients will get in touch with you. 
You will then be able to examine their request and the monetary reward you ask for this.

Aviation life at his best!

cabin crew southwest
Crew life might be great though tiring at once. 
Some will make long journeys, which will enable them to reach fascinating nations. 
Others will complete many turn around in a single day and will be glad to come back home for the evening. 
Sometimes, few travelers might be unruly and rest is important.