Delivery service app - Payment

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

PiggyBee makes available to its users a secure payment module.

Within our online mailbox, the requester and traveler discuss the amount of the tip.
In the event of an item to be purchased (= an item that the traveler must buy on behalf of the requester), the requester specifies the purchase price.

Through the secure payment module:
- The requester sets the total amount (tip + potential purchase price).
- PiggyBee will add a 10% commission. This allows us to cover our operational costs. This fee has to be paid by the requester.
- The traveler accepts this amount.
- The requester pays the total amount by credit card through our partner Stripe.

Delivery service app

Stripe is an American company specialized in the international management of payments via the Internet for individuals and professionals.
Stripe is already the payment provider for well-known services such as Facebook, Deliveroo, Lyft or other online marketplaces such as TaskRabbit.
At no time will PiggyBee have access to confidential credit card numbers nor will it keep them in its own database.

- The amount is locked in until the actual delivery of the item (In the event of an item to be purchased, the traveler advances the purchase amount in his own funds. However, he has the guarantee of being reimbursed in that this amount was locked in.)
- The traveler confirms the delivery.
- Unless disputed by the requester, the traveler gets his tip paid and is reimbursed the potential amount of the purchase (through a bank wire transfer).