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Sometimes we find requests that really need collaboration between people. As PiggyBee is basically aiming at connecting people in order to help each other, we have decided to put forward this NGO request from Benjamin. Indeed, he needs travelers from Addis-Abeba (Ethiopia) to Brussels ! 

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Let's meet Benjamin :

• Who are you Benjamin ?

I’m a staff member of the NGO Fracarita Belgium.

• What do you do in NGO Fracariat Belgium ?

We are the non-governmental organization for development cooperation of the congregation “Brothers of Charity”. We support services for mental health care, education and care for persons with a disability in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Delivery non-governmental organization

• What is your request on PiggyBee ?

In July I was in Ethiopia to prepare our awareness raising and fundraising campaign in schools and institutes in Belgium. The profit of this campaign will go to a new project for children and youngsters with a mental disability in Yirgachaffe (Southern Ethiopia). In our campaign we explain the challenges and needs of this target group, but we also want to introduce our benefactors to Ethiopian culture, including coffee culture. To make it more tangible, we decided to take some large empty Ethiopian coffee bags to Belgium so that we could give one to each school or institute that supports our campaign. We were able to take 70 bags with us on the plane to Belgium, but 30 are still in Addis Abeba. 

• Why do you choose PiggyBee ?

Sending them by a parcel service would cost us a lot, and would reduce the profit of our campaign. We are hoping that a traveler could help us to bring the remaining bags to Belgium via PiggyBee before the end of this year. Thank you on behalf of the children and youngsters we are supporting in Yirgachaffe !

So if you can help Benjamin, please do not hesitate to post your trip on this route !