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When CrowdShipping Goes Wrong

Startups always tend to show a blue sky and hide flaws. Nevertheless, everything does not always go as planned. I recently got an email from Lucy K. (alias) that tells me about her misadventure.




I only delivered one parcel. 
It was bags of chips to a "Julie B.". 


She was very rude and difficult to make any agreements with. At first, she expected me to transport 4-5 full-sized bags of chips for FREE. When I asked if she could give buy me something for my trip in exchange, or at least pay me some extra cash because of my effort and the space and weight of her stuff, she acted like It was an unmerited request! Then we agreed that she would meet my friend and I at a pub for the pick up and in exchange she would just buy us a round of drinks and give me the money she owed me for the chips. But when we got to destination, she sent me a message telling me that she had plans with friends and was late and asked if I could travel 45 minutes outside of the city center to bring the chips to her!!!! 

crowd shipping

I got frustrated and explained to her that THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS SERVICE WAS THAT I WAS DOING HER A FAVOR IN EXCHANGE FOR A REWARD, and she finally reluctantly came to me and picked up her stuff and gave me an extra $10. That was enough of a bad experience for me to decide against wasting my time with PiggyBee. 

I love the concept, but to have to deal with self-consumed university brats like that it just isn't worth the effort.

...I felt so sorry for Lucy ; ( Though we hope to introduce online ratings on the website soon, I'd love to get your opinion in the comments below! 

How would you react?