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CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

As CrowdShipping pioneer since 2012, we should have an app by now. Still, we've been working hard since and have to admit, although we encounter permanent growth, CrowdShipping is not quite still "mainstream". That means, as from today, we don't have sufficient resources to provide our users with one. We could also choose to go for fundings (angels, investors, VCs, we already had a pre-seed funding) but this would mean more pressure on our shoulders (that we don't want as now as we live through this still but slow growth).

App Crowdshipping

However, we didn't want to leave you with empty hands and we needed to consider that the balance between mobile and desktop had inversed.
That's why we chose to do our best with the "responsive" version on the website that offers you the best (at least that we try) on your mobile browser (we hope very close to using an app).
Back to unsufficient ressources, we also chose this time NOT to go for a cheap & quick made app that would be ugly, that would bug and that would get a bad rating that we don't want on the app stores.

We hope you like our mobile version so far and if you don't (or if something's unclear), please let us know! (At PiggyBee, we consider user feedback as a gift)