In jail because of a chocolate package delivery !

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

This is Alex's story, a young American architecture student who wanted to spend his holidays with his girlfriend in Paris. 

chocolate package delivery

While booking his flight to Paris, Alex heard about PiggyBee, a crowdshipping community, on which he could post his trip and therefore save money. In love with the sharing economy, he decided to post his trip on the platform and realized he already had "matches" (=people requesting stuff to be transported on this route) ! Indeed, someone wanted to get chocolates shipped to Paris ! They both spoke about it through PiggyBee's online messaging system and agreed on a meeting point + a reward he could get.

chocolate delivery

Alex and his girlfriend calmly took the plane to reach France. When the customs asked him what he was carrying, he said "chocolates". However, Alex didn't take the time to check the content and he was suddenly stricken with fear ! Customs drove him to the custom station in order to check everything, and Alex started to think about the worse. What if this delivery turns sour ? When they opened the package, the customs discover Jacques Torres' delicious chocolates. Safe, Alex had the right to meet again with his girlfriend. They can now deliver these chocolates and laughed hard and loud of this story about "the French guy and his famous chocolates". This was a close call ...

This story has been truly invented but we always advise you, of course, to check a package content and to refuse item on which you would have some doubts. For any further information, please don't hesitate to read our Trust & Safety guide.