Cabin Crew for Ryanair

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

Whether you're a flight attendant or pilot flying for Ryanair, there's an easy way to earn extra money as you fly.
The solution is to transport parcels for people.

ryanair cabin crew
On the piggybee website, users are looking for travelers (as cabin crew) who can buy them objects abroad.
Since it's your job to travel with Ryanair, it's never been easier to earn more by buying these items.

For crews traveling long distances, requests are important and the reward is greater.
We all know the difficult life of air crew, why not make it better ; )

When there are solutions to make ends meet
You only need to indicate your next trips on the platform. 
Then, users will contact you. 
You can then discuss about the item they need and the price you want for this transport.

The service is completely free, register here to change your aviation life

cabin crew ryanair
The life of commercial cabin crew may be exciting but very tiring at a time. 
Some will make long-distance trips, which will allow them to spend time in distant and exotic countries. 
Others will do a lot of rotation on the same day and will be happy to return to their families in the evening.
On some occasions, the service may be difficult and some passengers may be unpleasant. 
Rest times are then necessary to recover and resume service in great shape.