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There is a lot of evidence to suggest that Juul Pods electronic cigarettes are very effective in quitting smoking. Indeed, the tobacco industry seeks to market products that are low-risk but give as much satisfaction to smokers as conventional cigarettes. Research has shown that Juul Pods delivers satisfactory doses of nicotine by inhalation according to stop smoking.

Worldwide, million of smokers have quit traditional cigarettes by switching completely to Juul Pods.

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Christian, an ex-smoker, explains how he defeated his nicotine addiction:

"The new Juul starter kit system that I discovered very early on made me realize that it was possible to regain the feeling of smoking a real cigarette while sparing my health more. I was able to get refills thanks to PiggyBee where I was able to contact travellers in the United States (where prices are lowest) who came back to Europe.”

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