CrowdShipping and CrowdShopping

CrowdShipping - Crowdsourced delivery

As we were among first to launch a combined CrowdShipping & CrowdShopping platform many years ago (as a two sided marketplace)
, we thought we would place a double column with requests on one side vs trips on the other. Many competitors followed the (our? lol) same idea and many platforms came (or died) based on this principle. An important thing for us along these years was to keep this "pioneer" position : always listen to users, reinvent the model, adjust the angles, fix the bolts, ... Lately, we jostled this idea! We found out requests were not "the problem you're solving" (for those familiar with the startup language)... the problem we're solving is someone that is looking for a traveler! By the end of the day, who really cares if it's chocolate, the last iphone or the teady bear you might have forgotten at the train station (even if we feel sorry for you and .... him). Think about it, are we right? Do you post on Airbnb that you're looking for an apartment in NY for the next holiday? NO, you're looking for someone renting an appartement in NY! Do you post on Ebay that you need a table? NO, you go on Ebay to look for a table!

ebay two sided marketplace

We think exactly the same goes for crowdshipping & crowdshopping! You're looking for someone doing this precise trip on this precise route / itinerary (whether you're looking for candies or your unicorn puppet!) What we made at this point is somehow hiding requests, pushing more on the "available trips" side (and allowing "private" and "direct" requests through private messaging).


That said, we're not that nasty so we left "public" requests at the bottom of our page... You may still post requests or check all (public) requests (though we focus less on that, as explained before ; )