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Your shipments and purchases are insured internationally by international courier services

How it works?

 You may ask a traveler to carry a personal item or make a purchase 

Look for a traveler and get in touch through our messaging system. Discuss the tip, the possible price of the item (in case of a purchase) and any shipping charges

 The item may be shipped to the point of departure or destination through a traditional carrier 

Use our secure payment module to block the amount.

In case of a purchase, order your item online and have it delivered to the address of the traveler (hotel, etc.) or ask the traveler if he can buy it  

The traveler gets paid after delivery. Both users get an online rating.

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Indicative price for transport by a traveler.

DISTANCE National International
S 10 € / 11 $  20 € / 22 $
L 25 € / 28 $ 30 € / 33 $
XL 65 € / 72 $ 100 € / 110 $

These amounts can be multiplied according to the shipment value

Search for a traveler

> 24 000 users
> 17 000 requests
> 22 000 trips

I was delivered on time, I'm too happy!
Thank you Alice for your service :)

Very good communication with Tony,
everything went great :)

Thank you for everything.
Marie was very accommodating. 

Yves was perfect, everything went very well

Good communication with Valentine.

Very good relationship.
Thank you Fabrice.